Pig farming training in west bengal

Pigs can be raised in controlled or free environment, as a small- or large-scale business. But in whatever size, a prospective farmer would need inputs as to how to raise pigs efficiently and in a more productive manner. Read from our guide and learn the basics on choosing piglets, proper nutrition, and ideal housing.

Raising pigs can be pursued as a small-scale operation as source of family meat and supplement income or it can be made into a large-scale operation. Pigs may be raised in highly controlled environments hog lots indoor, in open spaces or barns as breeding sows or grown and sold for slaughter to butcher shops.

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Here are the aspects of pig raising that a grower must carefully consider:. Pig feeders can be obtained from stock breeders, and producers, in auctions and classified ads. Pigs are of different breeds some of them are well suited for specific environments, indoor or outdoor.

Crossbred pigs tend to grow faster, consume feed more efficiently and are vigorous. When buying a feeder, choose the large and healthy looking ones, at least 25 lbs.

pig farming training in west bengal

If you are choosing a male, which is observed to grow slightly faster than females, get one that is already castrated. Male or female, they are preferably immunized. Ask the breeder for health information and stock of the breeder. Pigs feed on both grains and meat. They can also be fed with cooked table scraps and vegetables. Corn is their most common food, but they could benefit from having a diet with protein from soybeans or cooked meat. Further, they grow faster with vitamins and other supplements.

Piglets have higher protein requirements than mature ones. Feeds can be bought packaged and in bulk.

Pig Farming in India (Information & Business Guide)

Pigs must also have adequate supply of drinking water daily, about two to four gallons. Provide water either through a tub or automatic nipple waterer.Millions of Indian agriculture may receive cash compensation for income lost to coronavirus, as officials in Uttar Pradesh state started counting the number of qualifying citizens on Wednesday. British experts are in Delhi, Haryana and Hyderabad working out the most effective way of helping farmers to increase economic wellbeing by making the most of improved crop post-harvest management and clean, sustainable chilled distribution systems.

With stable profits and strong potential for quick growth, pig rearing is increasingly the trade of choice for business-minded youngsters in West Bengal — but even small-scale success comes with its challenges.

Researchers have documented traditional farming practices and remedies in Nagaland, India in hopes of harnessing an underexplored resource. Pig farming in India has long had an image problem — but increasingly, cleaner, more efficient and up-to-date practices are raising its status, and bringing lucrative rewards for producers.

The Punjab government will supply 4, piglets to farmers in the state from a central breeding centre based in Nabha in order to boost pig production and income for the state. The Bombay High Court in Mumbai has ordered veterinary drug stores across the state to stop selling antibiotics for use on livestock unless the farmer has a prescription, to prevent the growing problem of drug resistance…. INDIA - A committee led by district surveillance officer will survey poultry farms, chicken shops and piggeries in Dakshina Kannada, a coastal district in the state of Karnataka.

INDIA - Even as the Centre's ban on cattle sale for slaughter at animal markets has triggered a country-wide debate, Punjab government on Tuesday announced setting up of new pig breeding farms, saying "there was need to …. INDIA - The day stir of the residents of 17 mile near Kallanod in Perambra has come to an end after Koorachund gram panchayat ordered closure of 17 illegal pig farms.

INDIA - The production of milk, eggs and meat has increased in the country as compared to last year, the Lok Sabha was informed yesterday. This event supports our aim to be the knowledge and strategy partner to …. INDIA - In order to increase livestock and fishery production in the country while providing livelihood opportunities to farmers, India has earmarked over crore rupees to fund different projects submitted by the sta….

INDIA - India has added nine new germplasm of farm animals including a poultry variety to its list of indigenous breeds. Newly enlisted live-stocks include one breed of cattle, two breeds each of goat and sheep, three br…. British experts join Indian farmers to reduce food loss sustainably 4 Mar Pros and cons of pork farming in West Bengal 24 Feb A snapshot of pig farming in rural India 23 Dec India making progress in developing hog industry 24 Jun What could you achieve with piglets?

Bureau story triggers historic decision to cut antibiotic use in Mumbai 6 Jul Older articles.Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Verified Supplier Company Video.

Tagore Nagar, Jaipur Plot No. Jaipur, Rajasthan. Atta, Noida, Dist. Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. Verified Supplier. Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. Vrindavan Garden, Sahibabad, Dist. Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. Sulthan Bathery, Dist. Wayanad, Kerala. Pilkhuwa, Dist. Ghaziabad Khera, Pilkhuwa -Dist. Sangrur, Punjab. Bengaluru, Karnataka. Dhangarwadi, Ahmednagar, Dist. Ahmed Nagar, Maharashtra.Appointments, acquisitions, sales, expansions, launchings?

Find out about the latest news in the pig production sector. A new set of training manuals for pig farmers is now available. Among other recommendations, the manuals offer ways of improving smallholder pig farming, including basic veterinary care, and pork production and marketing. Raising pigs is a particularly important livelihood for smallholders in northeast India, where hilly terrain, poor roads and widespread poverty hamper crop cultivation. The livelihood improvement project is working with farmers to develop pig production in particular because the region has a history of pig rearing and because keeping pigs requires minimal investments at the outset.

Pig production is also easily intensified using locally available resources. There are three well-illustrated manuals. Veterinary first aid for pig offers information on organisms that cause common pig diseases, how to identify them and basic ways of controlling their spread. Hygienic pork production and marketing details how to hygienically process pork, follow slaughterhouse and meat inspection procedures and how to pack and preserve pork for sale.

The manuals provide easy-to-apply principles in improving pig management, feeding, and care to enhance yields.

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Farmers in areas where the project is implemented say the manuals are helping them to increase their production. Project staff have set up systems for collecting feedback from farmers and trainers so as to improve future editions of the manuals. Training manual on veterinary first aid for pig. Training manual on hygienic pork production and marketing. Access restricted to users. In order to post a comment you must be logged in.

This area is not intended to be a place to consult authors about their articles, but rather a place for open discussion among pig What could be the cause.

Is it profitable. Where is market?

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Essential topics to this farming. Training spots and period. Average profit per kg. I want to know where frm I can get training about pig farming And I also want to know about it's market food and all about it. Kindly help me for this.

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I have land for this farming. SO PL.

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Many people here keep pigs but lack knowledge onclincluding myself. Though my project is small, the ideology is the same so I would be happy to be in touch n get more technical advice from you. Am from Papua New Guinea.Commercial pig farming in India for meat production is one of the best and profitable business ideas for the Indian people. There are several highly meat producing pig breeds available around the globe.

Some of those are very suitable for commercial meat production according to the weather and climate of India. A few years back, pig farming had a bad image in the society only socially back warded down-trodden class Indian people used to raise pigs since the time immemorial and they were not respectable people. But at present the scenario has changed tremendously and commercial pig farming in India is no more restricted to lower class people.

pig farming training in west bengal

Now people are conscious about the economic value of pigs like other domestic livestock animals. And higher caste, educated people also started commercial pig farming business in a modern and scientific manner. In India Uttar Pradesh is the largest pig producing state. However, here I am describing the advantages and required steps for starting commercial pig farming in India.

Pig farming training in India Where,Why,How.

Pig farming has many advantages. Here, I am shortly describing the main advantages of starting commercial pig farming business in India. If you want to start commercial pig farming business in India then you must have to learn as much as possible about how to start pig farming business in India.

For successful pig farming business you have to go through some step by step process. Here I am shortly describing the required steps for starting commercial pig farming business in India.

Selecting a suitable land or place is very important and first step for starting pig farming in India. While selecting land for pig farming try to ensure availability of all types of essential facilities for the pigs. Consider the followings while selecting or buying the land. There are numerous pig breeds available throughout the world. But all of those are not suitable for raising commercially.

So, you have to choose the highly productive breeds. Most of the pig farmers of our country are raising low productive small sized pigs. As a result they are not getting desired production. For commercial meat production we can choose some imported highly meat productive pig breeds.

Some of those highly productive pig breeds are listed below. They are available in our country and very suitable for commercial pig farming in India. Adequate housing and equipment is very important for successful pig farming business. Housing not only provide shelter but also keep them safe from inclement weather, parasites and various types of pig diseases.

pig farming training in west bengal

While building house for the pigs consider availability of all types of necessary facilities for them.When Amit Das, a pig farmer based in Bon Hooghly village, leased a small patch of land in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal to start his business, his relatives were shocked. They felt rearing pigs was too menial a profession for an educated man like Amit. But the year-old refused to change his mind, and in Amit eventually opened his pig farm. I realised that it has a huge potential; I decided to go ahead with it and the results are in front of all of us.

This guide includes:. Young people in Bengal are increasingly turning to pig farming after taking inspiration from rural entrepreneurs like Amit, who have decided to do something other than go for a conventional job.

Pig farmer, Lalchand Sardar, overseeing his Ghungroo pigs Lalchand Sardar, who lives in the village of Baria Dakshinpara in the same district, has been running a pig farm for the past five years. The year-old lives close to Sundarbans, low-lying islands which are regularly ravaged by extreme weather.

New training manuals for improving small-scale pig production: With lessons from northeastern India

But pig farming is less risky as during cyclones the roof sheds blow away but the animals remain safe. Lalchand has around 10 Ghungroo pigs, an indigenous breed known for producing high-quality pork when fed on agricultural by-products and kitchen waste. In Bengal, where job starvation has been a major issue for several decades, pig farming has been churning out rural entrepreneurs for some time. And they tend to agree that the business gives huge returns if undertaken diligently and with care.

The farm owners say that the pigs are normally sold to local butchers, or even wholesalers who then sell them to retailers or other outlets. According to the experts, young people in West Bengal are increasingly attracted to pig rearing because of the potential for rapid growth; pigs can breed frequently and give birth to around eight to ten piglets during each cycle.

We have been focusing mainly on rearing Ghungroo because it is a local breed and also has a lower risk of being affected by diseases than the Yorkshire breed. It also consumes less food. The business is not without its challenges, though; some pig farmers also point to the problems involved in it. But stiff competition among farm owners to acquire food often results in its shortage. Many farm owners also point to the complexities involved in obtaining the trade licences from the state government when setting up their businesses.

The sector should be well-organised as it would then attract more people. Dr Ghosh says that certain misconceptions regarding pig rearing is also a hurdle in the way of expanding the sector. Many people believe that swine fever among pigs is also a threat to humans, which is completely baseless.

The officials say that these issues are being looked into. Food enthusiasts, meanwhile, say that there has been a growing demand for pork in Bengal. Whether as good steaks or interesting Oriental cuisine, finally pork is getting its due respect. Despite obstacles and economic uncertainty, US pork exports posted the third largest month on record in February while Asia's food service sector makes a gradual recovery from lockdown. Sponsor message Mycotoxins in Swine Production 2nd Edition now available.

This guide includes: An overview of different types of mycotoxins Understanding of the effects of mycotoxicoses in swine Instructions on how to analyze mycotoxin content in commodities and feeds Innovative ways of combatting mycotoxins and their effects Download e-book now. Pig farmer, Lalchand Sardar, overseeing his Ghungroo pigs. Lalchand Sardar, who lives in the village of Baria Dakshinpara in the same district, has been running a pig farm for the past five years.

Many producers select the Ghungroo pig because it is a local breed and also has a lower risk of being affected by diseases compared to other breeds. Hurdles in getting government permission Many farm owners also point to the complexities involved in obtaining the trade licences from the state government when setting up their businesses. Large White x Yorkshire cross breed pigs. View more.Hello sir mai jharkhand distt. Aap btaye ke West Bengal me poultry farming training senter kaha pe he.

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pig farming training in west bengal

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